Me. Myself. And I.

My name is Cedric Chambaz and there is one thing I abhor that is people boasting... But hey, I guess that if you clicked on that link you are keen to know more about myself. So here you go.

Passionate about brand building and multicultural environments, I started my career in the automotive industry at Renault in Germany in 1998. After spending spending 7 years in advertising agencies in Singapore, Paris and London, I have since embraced fully my international ambitions and joined two global corporations as a marketing leader. 10 years with Microsoft and 7 with Apple have rounded my understanding of how cultural disparities can positively impact marketing strategies. This international exposure has also allowed me to constantly learn about others, about myself too.

Finally, I hold a Master from ICN Graduate Business School and specialised in Consumer Behaviour and Managing Innovation at McGill University, Canada. I am married, live currently in London with my two sons and enjoy every opportunity to further discover the world in their company.